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Rory Hooper Window Reflection

Rory Hooper is an explorer of creating, if through unconventional designs or through combining materials that are traditionally unusual. A trained jewellery designer-maker, any object or piece of art work is hand made with a range of techniques, from up-cycling to creative reuse, classic making to 3D printing and everything in between is his range of passion. 

Specialising in producing made to order bespoke, one-off pieces of jewellery and objects for clients, exhibitions, collections and production.


Group Exhibitions:


2018     Israel 70 years of craft and design, MINGEI International Museum, San Diego, USA

              “Hamsa Hamsa Hamsa” the transformation of the Hamsa motif in contemporary Israeli art,

              Museum for Islamic Art, Jerusalem, Israel

2017     “Keep it Light” Memorial Candle Vessels in Contemporary Jewish art from Bezalel Art School,

              Jerusalem, Israel

2016     contemporary Judaica from Bezalel, Rishon LeZion Museum, Israel

2015     “Fault Line”, Inyanim Group at 3stations, Munich

              “IN and OUT” 2015 contemporary Judaica from Bezalel, Jerusalem, Israel

              “A matter of time”, Israeli Jewellery Biennale 7, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel


2014     “Layers” Exhibition, Jaffa museum, Israel

              “Hand and Mind” Contemporary Art Jewelry from Israel, Shanghai, China


2013     “Through Sources”, Inyanim Group at PIN, Lisbon, Portugal


2012     “Wear Art Now”, Beijing, China

              JOYA Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition, Barcelona, Spain

              SOFA New York, with Gallery Loupe, New York, USA

              “What’s in a Frame?” Inyanim Group at 3Station, Germany

              “Transit” contemporary Israeli Jewellery, Schmuckmuseum, Pforzheim and

              Goldschmiedehaus, Hanau, Germany

              “Decorative Impulse”, Villa Terrace Decorative Art Museum, Milwaukee, USA

              “Freshly Cut”, Gallery Complete, Tel Aviv, Israel and Flow Gallery, London, UK


2011     “NEO-GEMO”, Contemporary Gemological Jewellery, Gemological Museum, Israel

              Inyanim Group show at HOP Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

              “COSTUME COSTUME” by The Opulent Project at Sienna Gallery at SOFA New York and

              Heidi Lowe Gallery, USA

              “From There to Here” INYANIM GROUP at Gallery Complete, Tel Aviv, Israel

              Premiere Classe, Paris, France


2010     “Le Rouge”, Chateau de Bonaguil and Galerie Hebert, France

              “No Problem (?)”, Inyanim Group, Gallery Loupe, New Jersey, USA

              “On The Point of a Diamond”, The Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum, Ramat-Gan, Israel

              “Judaica Twist”, Innovation in Judaica Design, Beth Hatefutsoth Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel


2009     “Transformations”, Flow Gallery, London, UK

              “Making Sense”, GSM&J RCA Graduates of 2008, London, UK


2008     SOFA Chicago, sponsored by AIDA (Association of Israel’s Decorative Arts), Chicago USA

              MARZEE International Graduation Show, Gallery Marzee, The Netherlands

              “Project/Product” at 18K GOLD TONE, Portland, USA


2007     “HEROES” a Ted Noten Project at the Custard Factory, Birmingham, UK

              “Yofi”, Israeli Ceramics and Jewellery, Flow Gallery, London, UK

              “Sky and Earth”, Israeli Jewellery Biennale, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel

              “Then and Now” by Caroline Broadhead, Barrett Marsden Gallery, London, UK

              15th Silver Triennial 2007, Society for Goldsmiths’ Art, Hanau, Germany


2006     “Schmuck” 2006, Special show of the 58th International Trade Fair, Munich, Germany

              COLLECT at the Victoria & Albert Museum, sponsored by AIDA, London, UK


2005     1st Mersin International Jewellery Design and Creation Symposium exhibition,

              Mersin University’s Contemporary Art Museum, Turkey

              SOFA Chicago, sponsored by AIDA (Association of Israel’s Decorative Arts), Chicago, USA

              “Beaten Gold”, Israeli Jewellery Biennale, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel


2002     Design exhibition, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Flensburg Museum, Germany

              Student Exhibition and conference at the Museum of Art and History in Geneva, Switzerland


2001    13th Silver Triennial 2001, Society for Goldsmiths’ Art, Hanau, Germany

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